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The Biggest Game of the Decade

February 26, 2010

We try our best here at The Good Old Hockey Show to be as unbiased at possible.  Every now and then we might show a bit of favoritism to our teams — myself with the Red Wings, Jesse and his Rangers, or Brandon with the Devils — but we like to be objective.

However, there come times where bias views are just too hard to put aside.  Sunday is one of those days.  I don’t care that my favorite player of all time Steve Yzerman is the GM of Team Canada.  I don’t care that Mike Babcock is the coach.  As the late, great Herb Brooks once said, “…the name on the front is a hell of a lot more important than the one on the back!”

Sunday is the game we’ve been waiting for all week.

The United States.  Canada.  Re-Match for the Gold.

Sunday is going to be a hell of a hockey game.  If you watch one hockey game all year…make it this one.  The crowd is going to be electric.  The players are going to be at their best.  Everything will be put on the line for the chance to hang gold from around your neck.

Team U.S.A. thumped Finland 6-1 and they’ve already beaten the Canadians, but they’re still the underdog in this one.  Analysts and experts will say that the U.S. won’t be able to surprise Canada this time and the Canadians will win.  Well, they’re right.  The American’s won’t be able to surprise Canada, but they will be able to show up, take the Canadian’s game, and shove it right back into their faces.  It’s going to be the greatest collection of talent on a single team in the entire world vs. a bunch of kids who believe in themselves that they can win.  Sounds familiar, eh?

Bottom line: The United States of America is the greatest country in the world and I hope they kick the living hell out of Canada.

Thanks Chris Jericho.

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