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The Gordie Howe Hat Trick

February 28, 2010

The Good Old Hockey Show likes to embrace everything about the good old hockey game.  One of the most heralded statistics is not even an official statistically category, The Gordie Howe Hat Trick.  Gordie Howe is arguably the second greatest hockey player of all-time.  He was known not just for his scoring and passing ability, but his willingness to drop his gloves and fight.   The Hall of Famer is first all-time in points, goals, and assists for a right-winger.

Because of Howe’s ability to score points and pick fights, whenever a player records a goal, an assist, and a fight in a single game it has become known as the Gordie Howe Hat Trick.  Howe himself only has two known Gordie Howe hat tricks.  Brendan Shanahan is said to have the most in a career with 17.

So here at The Good Old Hockey Show, every Sunday we’d like to do our version of the Gordie Howe Hat Trick by bringing our fans the most spectacular goals, assists, and fights from the previous week.

Since we are feeling very patriotic today thanks to Team USA’s run for the gold this afternoon, we’re bringing an Olympic flavor to the first ever edition of the Gordie Howe Hat Trick.


It was hard to pick just one goal from the week for this segment.  Team USA just had too many exciting goals to choose just one…so we chose them all! Thanks to NBC having restrictions on their video highlights, we cannot embed the actual video into the post, but we have a link here with all six of U.S.A.’s goals against Finland in sixty seconds.


I think the best assist has to go to Miikka Kiprusoff.  His pass to Ryan Malone opened up a flurry of goals by the U.S. on route to their domination of Finland and earned the Americans a birth in the gold medal game.


While we haven’t seen any fights in the Olympic games so far, we have plenty of fights from the NHL season by American Olympians. This fight section is dedicated to David Backes and his pursuit of Team Canada members leading up to the Olympics.  This spawned the Inglorious Backes nickname is St. Louis.

Jan. 2, 2010 vs Jonathan Toews

Jan 7, 2010 vs. Corey Perry

Jan 12, 2010 vs. Rick Nash

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