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How goofy can you make Sidney Crosby look?

March 4, 2010

Photo Creadit: Puck Daddy

Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy on Yahoo! is holding a contest to see who can come up with the greatest reader art using Sidney Crosby’s famous screaming pose after scoring the game winning goal in the Olympics.

If nothing else, our Sidney Crosby(notes) Golden Roar reader art contest has confirmed one of our long-held suspicions: That every classic image in sports history would be improved by the presence of Norwegian curling pants.

Earlier this week we announced the latest Puck Daddy reader art competition, in which Sid the Kid’s iconic Olympic moment — after scoring the game-winning overtime goal to win the gold medal over the U.S. — would be properly celebrated by your sick, twisted minds. The results have been startlingly impressive: Of the hundred or so entries sent to the PD inbox, the levels of ingenuity and immaturity may have surpassed any other contest we’ve held. And the bar is rather high.

For example: Reader “LW3H” and his discovery that “Crosby’s apparently spontaneous celebration was revealed to be yet another cold, cynical marketing opportunity” by taking on the form of the Vancouver Winter Olympic logo.    CONTINUED…

Make sure to check it out.  There are some hilarious takes on the Crosby picture.  Submission deadline is March 10.

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