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The Good Old Hockey Predictions: #2 Chicago Blackhawks vs. #3 Vancouver Canucks

May 2, 2010


Jesse Liebman

The opportunity for the rivalry between these two Western Conference juggernauts to grow is tantalizing. Chicago’s head coach Joel Quenneville’s decision to shift hulking behemoth Dustin Byfuglien back to forward should get under the skin of a number of Canucks, including goalie and captain Robertlo Luongo. If Louie loses his cool, expect to see him get yanked. I suggested before the playoffs started that Pat Kane and Jonathan Toews might have to take a step backwards before they can truly reach greatness, and they’ve done nothing but prove me wrong.

Chicago in 6


Jeff Hancock

This one is simple to me: Sedin + Sedin + Samuelsson vs. Niemi (or Huet) = Canucks win.

Vancouver in 6


Brandon Fox

Score at will!  At least that’s what the Canucks are saying.  Led by the Sedin twins and Mikael Samuelsson, the Canucks skated past the Kings because of balanced goal scoring.  The Chicago Blackhawks rallied past the Nashville Predators and their goaltending was less than spectacular.  The Blackhawks could have a tough time with the Canucks, especially if Roberto Luongo stays hot.  Prepare to see a lot of goals in this series.  Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are going to have to carry the load for the Blackhawks against the speedy Canucks.

Vancouver in 6


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