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TPL Special: The Kids Are Alright

July 9, 2010

After a nice summer break, The Good Old Hockey Show is back with a vengenace!

Our good friend and excellent guest Michael Petrella,  from Red Wings based blog The Production Line,  extended me an invitation to write some Red Wings related content for TPL.

As the big Red Wings’ fan that I am, I gladly accepted the opportunity to do a little biased writing about my favorite team. My first — and hopefully not last — post at TPL is up for the reading pleasure of hockey fans everywhere.

Make sure to check it out and check out the rest of their site too. They do a great job over there!

Over the coming weeks, The Production Line will be publishing guest posts from our very favorite readers, commenters, and Tweeps — those that don’t have a Wings blog to call their own, and might appreciate a place to vent, praise, bitch, or jailsex it up. We’re proud to offer up this space to some good friends, great writers, and incredible hockey fans.

For today’s installment, we’re proud to present Jeff Hancock of The Good Old Hockey Show – a kickass program that has had me on as a guest twice. Though he has to be fairly impartial co-hosting such a show, Jeff makes no secret that he’s a Michigan boy and a Red Wings fan. And with that, his post:


I might be in the minority here…but the kids are alright.
With the real possibility of Mike Modano (who went to the same elementary and middle school as me; we both had Miss Bowman [no relation to Scotty] for Language Arts as 6th graders. Not at the same time of course. He’s 40 and I’m 22. Different high schools though. His family moved to Livonia, but this is all beside the point)
Where was I? Oh yeah…

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