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The Good Old Hockey Predictions: #4 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. #8 Montreal Canadiens

April 30, 2010


Jesse Liebman

This is going to be a big matchup between the defending champions and a ragtag group playing for hockey’s most storied franchise. I expect a bigger role from Jordan Staal in this series. Sidney Crosby can take care of the rest. Jaroslav Halak proved he’s no slouch, but the Habs simply won’t be able to match Pittsburgh’s firepower.

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The Good Old Hockey Predictions: #1 San Jose Sharks vs. #5 Detroit Red Wings

April 30, 2010



Jesse Liebman

For a brief moment in each team’s quarterfinal matchups, there were moments where it seemed neither team had enough gas to make it into the second round. Yet they got over their initial stumbling and ultimately ended up taking control.

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WEBN Sports Mailbag

April 26, 2010

The Good Old Hockey Show host Jeff Hancock stepped away from the radio booth and into his shoes as WEBN Sports‘ NHL analyst.

Hancock answered the viewers question in this week’s mailbag segment.

Special thanks to Joel from Milford, MI, Andy from Oslo, Norway (and from Fight Night at the Joe) , and Greg from Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Big guest joining us on this weekend’s show

April 22, 2010

Photo Credit: Toronto Globe and Mail

This Saturday The Good Old Hockey Show will be joined by James Mirtle of the Toronto Globe and Mail.  Mirtle will be joining us at 1:30pm to talk some playoff hockey.

Mirtle founded the SB Nation site From the Rink and currently has his own blog as well.

The Good Old Hockey Show airs this Saturday from 1-3pm on Emerson’s Talk and Information Network.  Make sure to tune in!

To Play, Or Not to Play?

April 21, 2010
The Sabres are no longer stamepding over the competition as they did on their way to the Northeast Division title. Since the Boston series opened, Buffalo has been surprisingly underwhelming. I don’t think it’s burnout, and I don’t think it’s a lack of intensity. Many players for Boston are simply coming out of the woodwork after staying invisible for much of the regular season. Read more…

Join us live tomorrow for some playoff talk

April 16, 2010

We are on-air live tomorrow from 1-3pm.  This week’s show will be jam pack with playoff talk.  We’ll cover each series and provide up-to-date scores from the Bruins/Sabres game.

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook.

To listen live tomorrow just click here to go to our listen live page that will direct you to the ETIN website.

There Are Fans in Phoenix

April 15, 2010

Contrary to what my esteemed colleague Jeff Hancock believes, there are in fact fans of the Coyotes and there are plenty of them, as evidenced by the white-out that has returned to the Arena.

In fact, during tonight’s 3-2 victory over the Red Wings, Phoenix pulled off the feat in front of an announced attendance of 17,125. How do you like them apples, Jeff?

Granted, this series is far from over, but I stand by the underdogs.